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Caryn is the creator of Proton Comedy, which produces comedy shows in New Mexico and beyond. New Mexico is a state with plenty of talented comics but only a couple of comedy clubs. Proton Comedy seeks to fill a small part of that deficit by producing high quality shows in theaters, breweries, warehouses, backyards, bars and other unconventional venues – wherever people come together to laugh.


Proton Comedy’s tagline is “Stay Positive” – a nod to New Mexico’s roots in nuclear science and Caryn’s brand of comedy that builds the audience up rather than lowering them into the gutter. Shows are high energy and typically stacked with a handful of experienced comics performing PG-13 material. Shows are not exactly “family friendly,” but you can take your parents to them without wondering if you are going to have only silence in the car ride home.


Caryn and Proton Comedy currently produce Comedy Night!, a monthly show at Brew Lab 101 in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Shows run on the first Thursday of every month. Come check it out!

See what the Rio Rancho Observer wrote about Comedy Night! here.


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