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Caryn Carson’s stand-up comedy reflects the life she’s lived: high-strung, a little awkward, and a little disappointing to her parents. When describing her performance, Theater Jones credited the strength of her delivery “with lots of pregnant pauses and animated emphases.” She’s a regular in the Albuquerque comedy scene and also frequently performs in North Texas. Caryn is a veteran of the North Carolina Comedy Festival, the Dallas Comedy Festival, the Lady Laughs Comedy Festival, the Albuquerque Funny Fiesta, and the Plano Comedy Festival. She opened for national touring comedian Jim Norton at the KiMo Theatre in Albuquerque. She has also performed at Quezada's Comedy Club at Santa Ana Star Casino when she opened for Chris Estrada from the Hulu hit show "This Fool." She is the force behind Proton Comedy and produces and hosts the Comedy Night! shows at Brew Lab 101 locations in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

Caryn is a clean comic who can also walk close to the line when appropriate for the audience. One college newspaper reviewed her performance by calling her “hilarious” and noting that she “cleansed the audience’s palate after so much crude, unadulterated adult humor.” She enjoys making fun of herself and the situations she finds herself in rather than making jokes at others’ expense. Her jokes hit on topics such as marrying late to get an early start on AARP spousal benefits, faulting Michael Strahan for making her  late to work, and looking like the naive first wife in every Lifetime Channel Original Movie. Audiences feel better by comparison about their own lives, making her comedy a win-win for all.

Caryn has performed in a variety of comedy clubs and theaters, but she also loves a good bar show or corporate gig. She has performed to a wide variety of audiences including those at a retirement celebration for a Presbyterian minister, a house show in Nob Hill, the State Fair of Texas, and the Arlington Improv. Her wide audience appeal makes her a great fit for your next event.

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